There are a number of ways to send emails to more than one person.  
If you want to select a GROUP of Contacts from the Contacts tab you can do the following:

  1. Click the Contacts tab.
  2. Choose the STATUS of the group you want to send to.  (you can also choose an Interest if you like)
  3. Click Search
  4. Click Send Message under the Search Results.
Please Note, you can only send a total of 2500 emails at one time.

If you want to send an email to a couple of people that you choose (outside of a group or interest)

  1. Click the Contacts tab.
  2. Enter values into the following boxes as necessary:
    • Name
    • Email
    • Other
    • Status
  3. If applicable, select filtering options for your search.
    1. Select the filtering option you want.
    2. Select the interests you want.
  4. Click Search.
  5. When you choose a Contact, click Send a Message under their profile.
  6. Under "Add more recipients", enter in the name of the person (they must be Contacts in Fiitfu)