Here’s a list of each tab and some of the great things you can do on each tab:

Dashboard Tab

  • Shows you your follow-ups (Today, Tomorrow, and Overdue)
  • Reminds you of your WHY?
  • List of common tasks in the I want to section
  • Shows you a list of clients that haven’t been contacted in over 6 months

Calendar Tab

  • This is your follow-up calendar and shows you all your follow-ups past, present, and future.
  • Update, complete, and reschedule your follow-ups
  • See at a glance what you have going on!

Contacts Tab

  • Search for any clients based on multiple options, including status and interests
  • Send group emails
  • Create client profiles
  • Access client profiles and manage client information

Events Tab

  • Create and manage events
  • Search for hosts/hostesses and attendees

Orders Tab

  • Create and manage orders
  • Print and send invoices
  • Search for orders that contain specific products
  • Search for orders by client

Gifts Tab

  • Create and manage Gift Certificates
  • Search for Gift Certificates that have not been redeemed
  • Track Samples that you give out
  • Track gifts and donations

VISIBLE WHEN YOU HOVER OVER THE MENU ICON (3 horizontal line in right upper corner of the screen):

Messages Tab

  • View messages that you have sent through FIITFU
  • See statistics for each message sent (For example, open / click rate and bounces)

Forms Tab

  • View response reports for your Fiitfu Forms
  • See who filled your Forms out and when it was submitted

Products Tab

  • Create and manage products in your account
  • Search for a product by name or item number

Files Tab

  • Add and manage files for your FIITFU account (Including PDF, image, Word, and Excel files)
  • Link files to clients

Referrals Tab

  • Refer FIITFU to your team members and receive credit for your own FIITFU account

Reports Tab

  • Generate reports on your data in FIITFU (Including Birthdays, Renewals, and Event Sales)


  • Access to Subscription and customization for your Fiitfu Account


  • Will log you out of your current Fiitfu session


  • Searchable topics for support with using Fiitfu