There are two different ways you can add your products to Fiitfu:

  • Select your affiliate company in the Company Sync section.
  • Import a list of your products into Fiitfu.

We recommend that you try to sync your account first. When you select your company, you can sync your Fiitfu account to use the defaults for your for that business. We regularly update our key partners' product lists to save you time. When you use the Company Sync functionality, your Fiitfu account can be kept up to date with your affiliate company’s product list effortlessly!

If you don’t see your company listed in the Company Sync section of your Fiitfu account it means we haven’t received the obtainable amount of clients to do so. You can help change this by spreading the word about Fiitfu!

To sync your products in Fiitfu

  1. Go to Settings (through the menu icon of 3 horizontal lines) and click Company Sync.
  2. In the Company drop-down list, select your affiliated company and click Save.
  3. Once you have linked your account, you can click Update Product List to import all your product options into your Fiitfu account.

To import a list of products into Fiitfu

  1. On the Products tab, (through the menu icon of 3 horizontal lines) click Add List.
  2. Click Product List Template to download the spreadsheet template.
  3. Enter your products into the template.
  4. Once you have added all your products to the spreadsheet, select all the cells of the products that you want to add to Fiitfu.
  5. In the Add Product List dialog box, copy and paste the selected cells into the Product List textbox.

If you have any issues importing your products into Fiitfu, contact and we’ll help you out!