1. Copy your Fiitfu Calendar Link from the Calendar section in My Account of your Fiitfu Account
    2. Start Outlook 2007. Make sure you have configured an active account.

    3. Insert the Fiitfu link into Outlook 2007. In Outlook 2007, select "File," and then "Data File Management." Select the "Internet Calendars" tab. Click "New," and then paste the Fiitfu URL into the field. Hit "Add."

    4. Configure the subscription. The name of the calendar file displays next to "Folder Name."  Check whether you want attachments to download from the Internet calendar under "Attachments." Finally, select whether you want the subscription according to the publisher's recommendations. Checking this option ensures that you will not exceed the publisher's limitations and risk having your calendar account suspended. Click "OK" when finished.

    5. Click "Close" to return to Outlook 2007. After the Fiitfu calendar is updated, it will display under "Other Calendars" in the Calendars section of Outlook 2007.