So you are part of a team account!  Watch this short video to see the best steps to take to access all the tools available to you.

Please remember when you are part of a Team account to first copy over your FUNNELS - doing this will copy over any templates that are affiliated with the funnel.

A couple of other tips include

  • Go to settings to create your signature.
  • Once your signature it set, and you have copied over your funnels, now go to templates and add your signature to your emails.
  • When you update your Products under settings, be sure to give Fiitfu a moment to complete the copying over of products.
  • If you have updated products that are not in your Fiitfu account, feel free to send an excel spreadsheet with your new pricing to
  • If you would like to customize your company account specific to your TEAM, please enquire with us about Team Accounts!