Team Accounts on Fiitfu are a great way to share your Message Templates, Fiitfu Forms and customized Follow-Up Funnels with everyone on your team to keep a clear and consistent level of client care that will help your team flourish!

Team accounts cost a one time fee of $195 USD

This fee includes:

An administrator page set up, and training on how to manage the admin account for your team.  This training includes showing you how to copy over any information you may already have in your personal account, and send it over to your team account.

Review of your Team Account once you feel it is complete to send to you team.

Webinar with you and your team on Training on accessing your team account.


Admin page on the team account allows you to:

See all members that are presently in your Team account.

Create follow-ups specific to your team

Create interests specific for your team

Create FORMS with preset responses, questions and follow-ups for your team

Create Email Templates for your team

Create Funnels for your team.Team accounts allow you to pour your expertise and processes into one place, your team members can access all of the above information from their personal Fiitfu account when they logged in with the  Team Page.  

All updates to Team Pages that we do in Fiitfu will automatically be included in your Team Page (feature updates) 

Please visit the Team Account Setup page in our web store for more information and to purchase this service: