Forms are used to collect data from your clients.

You can add images, videos, and edit all of the questions to suit your business needs.  You can even create follow-ups based on your clients questions.  Here is an example of a form we use on Social media, when someone fills out this form all of the contacts information will automatically be added to our Fiitfu account:

You can create forms for many different reasons, including:

1.  Customer Profile Form (think sizing, allergies, interests)

2.  Sample Request Form

3.  Join my VIP Club form

4.  New consultant form (what are your goals, how can I help you)

5.  Data collection at events, or online.

6.  Hostess Forms - use forms before an event to learn more about those that will be attending.

Here is a video showing you some examples of forms:

Here are a few examples as well on how to use forms:

Here is how to CREATE a form: